It is everywhere, lying muddy and still between the tender green shoots of a newly planted ricefield, leaping bright and silvery in miniature waterfalls that tumble from one terrace to the next, and flowing secretive and hidden in the deep primeval ravines it cuts for itself into Bali's soft volcanic rock...

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  ...It creates startling shards of sky upon the earth which mirror Bali's painted tropical clouds turning the world upside down in a Henny Penny mind-spin, it courses through earth-walled irrigation channels of every imaginable size, past sleuth gates built of concrete or a humble collection of wooden sticks and mud, it even runs overhead carried in precarious looking bamboo structures that ferry it from one side of the road to the other.

An extensive system of irrigation channels criss-cross the island. Like a network of veins, they carry the life blood of rice agriculture to even the furthest field. Water is coerced, coaxed, diverted to every corner of farm-land capable of being tilled but it is never dammed. In partnership with the human hand, it has reshaped the landscape making Bali a fertile sculpture in living green.

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